As restaurants begin planning to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic, they are struggling to implement many new guidelines and procedures. We can help! EM Print Group is proud to offer a line of menus that are 100% waterproof, and are able to be quickly and easily sanitized using the restaurant’s existing sanitizing system. This product is an affordable, durable, and reusable option for your clients. There are three thicknesses available (7.5, 10, and 12 mil), and the standard 12 x 18 size can be cut down or customized in many ways. To find out more, call us at 800-325-3118.
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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Printing Industry and Our Valued Supply/Distributor Partners

The Printing industry is not immune to the personal and business effects of COVID-19. EM Print Group feels it's important to share with you that we are working to keep everyone safe and keep your business running.
These are some uncertain times and we want to assure our valued customers that we are open for business and will provide the quality and service EM Print Group is known to provide. We take the safety of our valued associates seriously and are doing everything we can to provide a safe work environment.
We will monitor and update all our customers if there are any needed changes to our service offerings or delivery schedules. Please look in your emails for any updates.

Thank you from everyone at EM Print Group



Effective Jan 2020, published rates for services increased for UPS and FedEx



EM Print Group has udpated the customer online activity experience. The new access can be achieved either by going to the Dealer Privileges tab above and logging in with your Account number and password or direct via: Review many new features such as accessing the digital image connected to each job processed, links to tracking, etc. Feel free to browse your account or contact one of our customer relations representatives for guidance.

AVAILABLE FEATURES - Emailed Shipping Notifications and Invoices

EM Print Group has the ability to send emailed shipping notifications and tracking as well as invoices. If you are not currently set up to receive them, please contact customer service and supply one of our associates with the email address to receive.

JANUARY 2015 - Delivery Rates Posted

EM Print Group has posted the delivery rates for our truck delivery service. Please look under services to view our rates.

New Pricing Effective Oct. 1, 2014

EM Print Group has updated their price guide. Paper prices have increased twice since last year. You can request a PDF version of either the non-delivered or delivered pricing or look under Products. Hard copies will be mailed.

We do our best to offer competitive pricing and buffer our customers from the full impact of these increases. We have taken measures to adjust our own margins and shop for the best paper vendors possible. Your business is important to us and we understand that no one likes increases but the raw materials have changed. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact customer service. (10-1-14)

Booklet Making Available at EMPG!

EM Print Group is expanding our products into booklets. Our automated unit has 20 vacuum fed bins. It will allow us to create booklets in various sizes, up to 76 pages + cover. Call 1-800-325-3118 to have us help you with your booklet project. (5-2-11)

Expanded Four Color Envelope Capacity!

EM Print Group has invested in expanding its four color envelope printing capacity. We are your source for 1-2-3 or 4 color printed envelopes. Call 1-800-325-3118 to help us understand your needs. (1-1-11)

New Corporate Identity Online Ordering Software!

EM Print Group brings a fresh new approach for our distributors to manage their major customer’s corporate identity program online. A new clean e-commerce cart format, with live proofing functions, multi-product orders, re-order functionality, optional approval process, and much, much more! Call 1-800-325-3118 x 122 to learn more about this dynamic software. (7-1-10)

Another Large Sheet Press Installed!

EM Print Group installs another large sheet press to manage our growth. This press will support our growing instruction sheet programs and long run sheet orders. Call 1-800-325-3118 to learn more about our expanded capabilities. (9-1-09)

New Instruction Sheet Department!

EM Print Group acquires an in-plant instruction sheet print center. This addition provides us the ability to run long run sheet orders, sophisticated folding options down to ¾” in size., banded into sets, etc. We produce almost 20 million pieces per year. Call 1-800-325-3118 to help you manage instruction sheet programs for your customer. (6-15-09)