Our Services

EM Print Group offers impeccable service for our distributors. This has been the hallmark of our business since its founding in 1975. We are always professional, courteous, supportive, and empathetic to the needs of our distributors.

100% Wholesale

Few printing manufacturers can truly claim they exclusively support only a distributor network. We take great care in tailoring our business to promote the symbiotic relationship we enjoy with our distributors.

Customer Care

We strive to set the benchmark in customer care. Our staff genuinely cares about your order, your situation, and your opinions. The Customer Care team reports directly to an executive level manager to communicate the needs of our customers as promptly and clearly as possible. Simply put...we care and it shows in everything we do.

EM Print Group Truck Rates

To better serve our customers, EM Print Group provides delivery service via our un-marked truck. This allows us to deliver products directly to your customer. For local, dock shipments, the rate is preset for each delivery location to help you manage your costs. (for inside deliveries or large shipments, please call for additional charges) View Rates

Stationery Management

EM Print Group has earned its reputation as a company that handles each order with personal care. We extend that same approach to our business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc. that are managed within our semi-customizable online Stationery Management Program. Our first order within this program produced over 2,000 orders of foldover business cards, including lithography and thermography printing on two sides, all shipped on time…NO reprints! You can trust EM Print Group to professionally manage these programs and protect your account by remaining true to our 100% wholesale principles.


We provide in-house graphic services to ease the ordering process for you. Our artwork specialists apply their 75 years of experience to ensure a successful printing of your order. They validate artwork files to be certain they are print ready and work with you to resolve any questions. We continually invest in the latest technologies to always improve our graphic department’s ability to serve you.

Master Programs

We offer competitive master production programs that are held for future imprints. This service is offered without any monthly storage charges for up to one year, based on certain criteria. There are minimum orders that apply to this service.


Our 80,000 square foot facility is available to store your larger prepaid orders allowing you to be more competitive. There are reports available for your convenience; as well as online releasing and balances for you and your customer to use. Each shipment includes a $10 release charge.